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Grab bags / mystery bags

Grab bags / mystery bags

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Discover a deal of epic proportions with our Grab Bags and Mystery Bags! You never know what surprise goodies you'll get, including a mix of mostly handmade items from us, plus some additional items - a fun combination for kids and adults alike!! Get the scoop and see what goodies await you! 🤩

lighter grab bags- SM will contain 5 lighters plus a bonus item // LG- will contain at least 8 or 2 torches plus bonus item

Pen grab bags- will contain 4 pens (ex. rhinestone,glitter, design, focal, or mixed)

mystery bags- SM will contain minimum 6 items and max 10 items // LG- will contain minimum 12 items and max 16 items (items quantity will depend o size and value bags will contain my products and other items i buy)

holiday themed grab bags and mystery bags 

  • grab bags will contain at least 6-10 items that will b themed to the surrounding holiday at the time of purchase
  • mystery bags will contain at east 12-15 items and will be themed to surrounding holiday at time of purchase 

Kids grab bag - will contain at least 6 items same with a holiday themed kids bags at least 6 items and themed with current holiday 

please when you purchase make known of any food allergies peanut chocolate mint due to candy could be included also gender of kid for kids bag and age 

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