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Buddy bag

Buddy bag

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Our premium period bags/kits have been crafted to perfection, offering you everything you need and more, plus some comforting goodies. Perfect for slipping into a purse or work bag, they're also ideal for teens heading off to school or a daughter starting her cycle - empowering her to feel comfortable and confident. They even make a great gift. Customized items with personalized names are available - just be sure to double-check your spelling. 

  Our Period Bags/Kits provide homeless women  to be healthy on their menstrual cycle and have all they need. Whether you choose to purchase for donation toward homeless women, or to keep for yourself a part of your order goes towards providing them.  We will also be donating them schools who are very under funded in provided girls with hygiene supplies. you can support the well-being of others 

Including in your bag is: 

  • Panty liners -10
  • Pads -6 size 1 / - 6 size 2 / - 5 over night (pads will be accordingly for adult or kids) 
  • Feminine wipes 
  • Feminine spray 
  • Heat pads on the go 
  • Tylenol (24 count) or 10 count for little girls bags 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Disposable bags (for panty accidents or throwing out pads)
  • Wristlet attached to bag (made by me)
  • Comfort Candy (I.E chocolate or gummies)
  • Journal (will depend on age group) 
  • Pen / Pencil (made by me)
  • Heating Pad at home (can have name added / plush random)
  • Bath bomb (for a relaxing hot soak for cramps)
  • 2-3 Surprise Goodies 

⚠️ Please be aware that many of the items included are heat-sensitive (such as chocolates, gummies, and taffy). We cannot provide guarantees against melting due to our shipment location in California however, we will include an ice pack that will protect your treats for up to two days. For any transit beyond this timeframe, we recommend expedited shipping for optimal preservation.⚠️

📌Inventory supplies and brand varieties may shift rapidly; thus, no two boxes will look alike (unless requested). However, substitutions of items of equivalent or higher value may be necessary in accordance with product availability.

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